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We've been delivering success advice to gyms and fitness businesses since 2014

Black Raccoon Consulting are here to provide you with the support, skills, training and operational guidance to nsure your health club, gym, fitness club, pool or studio business is a success.

Our approach is bespoke and we work closely with our owners and managers to ensure we maximize their philosophy and ensure the integrity of their product whilst delivering growth and success.



We work 1-1 with our clients to create solutions to solve the challenges in their business



With over 25 years industry experience for some of the biggest companies Uk and abroad


Full Service

End to end support from sales, customer journeys and marketing to operations and standards

Ryan Charlesworth

Founder and Managing Director

Black Raccoon Consulting, Fitleads and host of The inside track Podcast

Ryan is an industry veteren with over 25 years years experience. Starting his career as a gym instructor and working his way up through companies such as Holmes Place, Fitness First, Marriott until eventually opening his own club, The Body centre in 2014.

He openned Black Raccoon Consulting, a full service industry consultancy in 2017 and has since worked with many independent club as well as franchise chains such as Anytime, Snap, Jetts and Fitness Space.

His well rounded experience both in employed roles as well as through his consultancy work provides an essential key in solution management for clients.

Ryan has a strong belief that coaching, consulting and mentoring is about helping others develop their vision the right way and not imposing models or values onto a business owner. Black Raccoon works with our clients to help them deliver their own success.

Club success should never be an ego trip for us!

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